Yacht Project Management

Yacht project management is a service often used for long-term and potentially expensive investments for the boat’s owners. The undertaking of a major project, whether that be a yacht design and build, refit, repair or other work, is a significant step out of most owner’s comfort zone and comes with risk regarding budget, timescale, and results. The key to a successful and stress-free yacht project management is well informed and timely management decisions and coordination and maintaining strong relationships between all parties involved.

Yachtwork collectively has decades of years of experience in the marine, yachting and superyacht industries, in a wide variety of roles and locations. This experience has translated into a comprehensive understanding of the requirements for successfully managing large-scale yacht projects.

We have fostered relationships with numerous industry connections, from logistics support to designers and boatyards, across the UK, Europe and worldwide. Yachtwork is well-positioned to coordinate and communicate effectively to complete your project on time and on budget.

The relationships and connections that Yachtwork maintain across the world have afforded us the privilege of working with some of the finest boatyards, boat builders, technicians, and craftsmen; having them at our disposal enables Yachtwork to provide you and your project with the highest level of service.

We always take pride in our yacht and boat repair and have rebuilt such a diverse range of vessels when the owners had not held out much hope of seeing them out on the water once more.

Supported by a vastly  experienced team that comprised GRP technicians, yacht paint specialists, master joiners,  marine engineers as well as knowledgeable ground staff many of our customers return to us for their all of their repairs. We are also specialist Yacht Surveyors and accident repair specialists.

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Whatever your requirement our Yacht repair specialists can offer the best industry advice.

Our most common Yacht Repairs

Hull Treatments

Osmosis often looks a lot worse that it is. but even the worst cases of osmosis can often be professionally treated, and while the process is somewhat time consuming, it ill give your boat a new lease of lift and help to hold its value.

When you find blisters on the hull of your boat, if it is over 15 years old then generally you are likely to find a whole lot more work unless it has been previously repainted or specialist treated.

Hull Painting
Repainting your boat has become as much about looks as necessity. GRP boats often suffered from ultra-violet degradation, whilst this did not compromise performance it meant it was time to give it a new coat. With the multitude of finishes now on the market making you boat stand out from the crowd is a practical way to create a modern facelift.

Yacht Refits

Defining a Yacht Refit can cover a wider spectrum



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