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Why Yachtwork?

Over the past couple of weeks, we have shared our expertise and provided you with a crash course all things yachting. We embarked on our journey by explaining our Ship’s Cook Certificate course, continued with discussing the importance of a project manager for any yacht project and sailed through to our third blog on marine surveys.

If you missed something or want a reminder, here´s a useful summary of what Yachtwork can do for you. You can also contact us for more information.

Marine surveys

In all instances, an accurate and timely survey can be the key to avoiding issues now or further down the line. Yachtwork has many years’ knowledge of Marine surveys and cover the following services

– accident repair and insurance claim surveys
– pre-purchase and warranty surveys
– refit surveys
– project-related surveys

As well as a great core team, we have a large network of experienced, vetted and thoroughly coached surveyors who carry out superb work at short notice, anywhere in the world. Discover more about Yacht Surveys or contact us for more information on your survey.

If you feel that you could add something to our team of associate surveyors throughout UK and European coastal locations, working within our insurance claim and pre-purchase department, contact Jim.

Project management

Whether you are embarking on a new-build, refit, repair or retrofit project, we strongly recommend you use our Project management team to ensure a stress-free and successful project. With our team´s many years of experience, their multitude of roles, in-depth knowledge and countless connections across the globe, they can make the difference between a successful and a failed project.

Read the Do you need a project manager? blog or get in touch with us today.

The Ship’s Cook Assessment

Yachtwork is the first UK based provider of the Ship’s Cook Assessment course and is certified by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency. The Assessment in Marine Cookery is a vital step towards being awarded the coveted and important Ship’s Cook Certificate. Our courses take place in our gleaming kitchen in Portsmouth and with places filling up fast we recommend early bookings to avoid disappointment.  For any questions about the Assessment in Marine Cookery, Food Safety or Crew Training, please read ‘The Ship’s Cook Certificate explained’ or contact our Principal Trainer Georgie.

We are currently on the look-out for a well-connected, enthusiastic sales person to work within our training department and be based in the Mediterranean. Get in touch with Yachtwork Training if you suit this role!

Yachtwork was set up to provide excellent service with the best possible outcome. Today we have a proven track record as an outstanding provider of training, project management and survey services. But don´t just take our word for it, please get in touch for any help and to question us on previous work, challenge our experience and allow us to demonstrate our expertise.

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NEWS: Yachtwork Receive Seal of Approval for Ship’s Cook Assessment from MCA!

We are extremely proud to announce that the Maritime and Coastguard Agency have formally approved Yachtwork to deliver the Assessment in Marine Cookery!

Also known as the Ship’s Cook Assessment, this course leads to the Ship’s Cook Certificate which must be held by at least one crew member on any vessel operating more than 60 miles from a safe-haven, with 10 or more seafarers on board.

Being approved by the MCA allows Yachtwork to deliver the Ship’s Cook Assessment from our superb kitchen facilities in Portsmouth; no more travelling abroad to take this important assessment! Have a look at our course calendar and book early to avoid disappointment.

If you would like more information about the Ship’s Cook Assessment, check out our Training Page. For more information on the Ship’s Cook Certificate, read our blog ‘Ship’s Cook Certificate Explained!’.

To book your place on the Assessment in Marine Cookery, get in touch with Georgie. Email Georgie or call on +44 (0) 7701 009392.

Ships Cook Certificate MCA Approval

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Ship’s Cook Certificate explained!

The Ship’s Cook Certificate has been a topic of discussion and debate for a long time, with stories varying, criteria for eligibility unclear and work-around rumours lose-on-deck. To set matters straight and help ensure you, your crew and your vessel are compliant and safe, Yachtwork are here to answer some important questions.

What is the Ship’s Cook Assessment?

The Ship’s Cook Certificate Assessment verifies that a candidate has been assessed by an accredited organisation and proves competency in the learning outcomes in Annexes 1 and 2 of MCA MSN 1846.

Key Facts:

– It replaces the Merchant Shipping (Certificate of Ship’s Cooks) Regulations 1981, which have been revoked.
– It sets out the minimum training requirements for all ship’s cooks and catering staff.
– New training prerequisites take religious requirements and practices into account as they pertain to food as well as duration and nature of the voyage.
– The requirements relating to ship’s cooks do not apply to ships which:
– only operate within 60 miles of a safe haven and,
– ordinarily operate with fewer than 10 seafarers on board.

Who needs a Ship’s Cook Certificate?

Any Commercial Vessel that operates more than 60 miles from a safe haven and has 10 or more seafarers on-board must have at least one Ship’s Cook Certificate of Competency holding chef.

How do I get a Ship’s Cook Certificate?

If you want your Ship’s Cook Certificate of Competency, you will need to:

– undergo the Ship’s Cook Assessment with Yachtwork or another MCA-approved training organisation.
– be 18 years old, or more.
– have completed a minimum of one-month sea going service.
– have completed the Personal Survival Techniques, Fire Prevention and Firefighting, Elementary First Aid, Personal Safety as well as the Social Responsibility and Security Awareness STCW courses.
– hold a current Seafarer Medical Fitness Certificate (ENG 1) or equivalent.

After completing all of the above you can apply for your certificate of competency from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.

How can I avoid the Ship’s Cook Assessment

The simple answer is, you can’t.

Whilst the Maritime and Coastguard Agency will accept certain qualifications as accredited prior learning (see MSN 1846), these qualifications do not meet the required learning outcomes in their entirety. All chefs will have to be assessed to ensure all learning outcomes are met and that they meet the minimum standards.

In addition, the MCA do not accept any online qualifications (including Food Safety Level 2). Any chef and crew involved in the processing, preparation and handling of food for others need to hold a valid Level 2 Food Safety Certificate. At Yachtwork, the Level 2 Food Safety is incorporated within the Ships Cook Assessment.

To read more about what your prior Accredited Learning means about your Ship’s Cook Assesment, please click here.

Ship’s Cook Certificate Online

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency have come to the conclusion that kitchen-based skills and safety can only be assessed in person, in an appropriate setting. As such, the Ship’s Cook Certificate requires that all recipients are assessed in person at Yachtwork or another MCA-approved training facility.

For more information on the Ship’s Cook Certificate, head over to our training page.

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