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Choosing a marine surveyor

  • access_time Jun 1, 2018

Choosing the right marine surveyor can save thousands The surveying industry is largely unregulated, so if you are deciding which marine surveyor to use it can present a few issues from the start which when you need to get your pride and joy back on the water, or get the marine insurance company to pay … Continue reading Choosing a marine surveyor

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Yacht Insurance Claim Process Explained!

  • access_time May 12, 2018

You’ve damaged your yacht! Thankfully you’ve got suitable yacht insurance and you’re finally going to need to use it to rectify the damage to your vessel. Yachtwork are going to take you through the insurance claims process for your yacht and we’ll highlight where we, the yacht surveyors, come into the equation! An important note … Continue reading Yacht Insurance Claim Process Explained!

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Yacht Design Basics

  • access_time Apr 27, 2018

Getting the simple things right There are those who promise you the perfect yacht. One that offers everything you want and more. A yacht that is a no compromise work of art that shines in comparison to all others. But does this type of yacht really exist? I mean, there has to be some compromises … Continue reading Yacht Design Basics

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What Should You Look For In A Yacht Project Manager?

  • access_time Mar 17, 2018

Perhaps you read our previous blog about Yacht Project Managers, or maybe you already knew that you’d need one to support your project; now you´ve made the decision, how do you know what to look for in a PM (aka Client Project Manager)? To start with, what you´re looking for is an experienced PM who can … Continue reading What Should You Look For In A Yacht Project Manager?

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Yachtsman and Adventurer Edward Allcard Passed Away

  • access_time Aug 24, 2017

We are always saddened when we learn about the passing of a fellow yachtsman, especially one who has lived such an adventurous life and has shared his stories with the world. Edward Allcard, yachtsman, author and adventurer, passed away this past July at the age of 102. His adventures were the inspiration for many sailors … Continue reading Yachtsman and Adventurer Edward Allcard Passed Away

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5 Ways to Enjoy Your Next Cruise

  • access_time Apr 24, 2017

  If you ask anyone who owns a motor yacht and regularly cruises, they will always say that there is nothing like it. But the idea of taking your yacht out for a cruise can sometimes seem difficult when you factor in the planning, scheduling and finally being able to head out to open water. … Continue reading 5 Ways to Enjoy Your Next Cruise

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Top 5 Yachting Destinations

  • access_time Jan 27, 2017

With so many beautiful and exotic destinations around the world to choose from, it can be difficult to choose which one to visit next. From crystal blue Caribbean waters to the warm breezes of Micronesia, there is no shortage of locations to point your bow. That is why we decided to create our own Top … Continue reading Top 5 Yachting Destinations

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Alex Thompson Racing, Hugo Boss

  • access_time Jan 15, 2017

Go Alex go, your team must be very proud, I know your sister is. Massive effort, may the wind stay on the Starboard side for the last four days, this may result in the closest finish to this race ever. Good luck, well done, I can asure you the next four days, will be as … Continue reading Alex Thompson Racing, Hugo Boss

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Marine Insurance Profesionals.

  • access_time Oct 31, 2016

Are you a Claims Handler? Are you an Underwriter? Are you a Manager of the above?   We very much hope that you have read our previous posts, which gives evidence to the fact, that we have quite an understanding of the repair, refit and building of a boat. We also intended our posts to … Continue reading Marine Insurance Profesionals.

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Following an accident

  • access_time Oct 6, 2016

Causation, repair requirements, costings, project management.   So, you have been unfortunate enough to have an incident, be it your fault, the fault of another or extreme weather. Your next move is the most important, let your insurers know as soon as you can, they are more used to, and more qualified to deal with … Continue reading Following an accident

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Refitting A Yacht

  • access_time Sep 20, 2016

Refitting Your Yacht   Refitting of a yacht is a requirement from time to time. It is like the refurbishment of our houses or our cherished cars, a necessary requirement that can be quite a stressful experience or one of great enjoyment and a sense of achievement.   We have, over the years, been involved … Continue reading Refitting A Yacht

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Building a Boat

  • access_time Sep 11, 2016

Building a boat?   You lucky thing!!!   So, you are going to buy a new boat and it is one of the slightly or totally bespoke options available. The question is – do you have a Project Manager/Surveyor to oversee this or not? Unless of course, you are from a marine background and have … Continue reading Building a Boat

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