Month: May 2016

Consistency !

Yachtwork: Consistency !


Our surveyors are thoroughly vetted and trained to ensure their compliance with Yachtwork’s high standards.


Associate surveyors go through an induction process that begins with a telephone interview to assess their experience, qualifications, and telephone manner – client satisfaction is our priority! We follow-up where necessary and study evidence in the form of their previous work.


Our surveyors then complete our online training course, hosted on our virtual learning environment (VLE). This training goes through the mechanics of our reporting template, including our strict format, appearance and content guidelines. Surveyors are shown clearly what relevant information should be included, and what irrelevant information should not.


To pass this course, they will complete a fictitious report which must be complete, accurate, saved correctly – with the right document reference – and the file size reduced, before being emailed. This stage is to impress upon the importance of consistent client satisfaction to our surveyors.


Once their selection and training have been completed to a high standard, they are sent their contract and service-level agreement, as well as a non-disclosure agreement, to read, discuss, sign and return along with their CV.


These documents are forwarded to our insurers and the surveyor becomes a member of the Yachtwork Associate Surveyors Network. Their geographic location is added to our network and we update our clients accordingly.


All our associate surveyor reports are sent directly to Yachtwork head office for final proofreading, conversion and sending to our customers, alongside any associated files and the invoice. We believe this provides our clients with a faster response time, reduced travel costs and a standardised system.


With the Yachtwork Associate Surveyor Network and the Yachtwork survey reporting style, claims managers and their teams can digest, understand and conclude claims in a clear, quality-controlled and timely manner.

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