Month: April 2016

Industry-Leading Survey Reporting

Yachtwork has its own approach to survey reporting on yacht insurance claims. We are regularly instructed by insurers and claims handlers to inspect yachts after incidents, where our role is providing an assessment of damage, insight into cause and responsibility and recommended actions to rectify.

Whilst many insurers and claims handlers are required to become experts in the structural anatomy of a wide variety of vessels in order to digest the masses of information provided in damage survey reports, Yachtwork has taken the industry lead in providing concise and easy-to-understand reports that are comprehensive but direct and to the point.

Our director, Jim Vintner, believes in a no-nonsense approach and this is reflected in Yachtwork’s reports. We also have an array of associate surveyors across UK coastal locations and aboard who are trained in the same style, using our virtual learning environment as part of the induction process.

But what do you get in a Yachtwork insurance survey report? Firstly, we’ll clearly brief you about the conditions and limitations of visual surveys. These limitations apply to all surveyors – we’re upfront about them. We’ll provide you with the insured, insurer and claims handler’s information as well as a brief about the circumstances in which the inspection took place.

Next up, we’ll take you through the visual inspection. As a general rule, if it’s not relevant, we won’t include it! This saves you precious time when you’re reading our reports! We also provide visual information in the form of charts, images, and photographic evidence where necessary.

Finally, in our conclusion, we lay out the findings of the survey. This section will provide the claims handler with all the information they require to move forward. As with the rest of our report, this is concise but accurate and will include a summary of the incident, our assessment of the cause and where responsibility lies and our recommendations.

These reports may sound simple, but they’re not. They are thoroughly planned, comprehensive, and accurate; they are put into a no-nonsense and straightforward reporting style that provides only the relevant facts and that is easy to digest and take action points away from.

Our reporting style has been the catalyst for the expansion of the Yachtwork associate surveyors network, with clients across the country wanting immediate access to a Yachtwork-trained surveyor. If you are a claims manager/ claims handler and interested in working with us, please make contact with our director Jim Vintner to arrange a meeting or telephone call to discuss your specific requirements. If you are interested in becoming an associate surveyor with us, please also make contact. To understand more about our Insurance Surveys, head over to our Surveys Page.

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Our Associate Marine Surveyors – The Dream Team!


Yachtwork’s operational coverage extends to numerous coastal areas within the UK and internationally. In order to achieve this, we utilise a network of associate surveyors; each one is put through a rigorous recruitment and induction process and are thoroughly coached and constantly monitored to ensure the best survey reports and results.

Before a surveyor joins Yachtwork’s ranks they must already be an established member of a professional organisation. Our Principal Surveyor and Director, Jim, then assesses a selection of their previous insurance reports (redacted for confidentiality, of course) to judge their abilities and any areas of improvement that should be addressed before they begin working under the Yachtwork umbrella.

If the candidate is deemed suitable then the requirements of working with Yachtwork are laid out. Our associate surveyors must demonstrate strong industry connections and relationships in their area of operations; they must adhere to strict response timescales to ensure our insurance clients are dealt with in an efficient and timely manner; they must sign our confidentially and service agreement contracts (to ensure compliance with our insurance clients requirements); and, they must go through the Yachtwork induction programme.

Yachtwork has developed an efficient and extremely well-respected reporting style that is accurate, concise and effective at portraying the key messages. These survey reports are one of the keys to our success in the marine insurance industry. By using Yachtwork, our insurance clients save time, money and effort as they receive concise but comprehensive reports that negate the need for regular back-and-forth emails to clarify or expand on certain points. It’s vitally important that our surveyors are able to complete their work in this style, and our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) ensures that their skills are up-to-scratch.

With our in-house training expert, Yachtwork have developed a VLE that ensures consistency and excellence across our team of marine surveyors. This simple but effective training demonstrates the benefits of our reporting style as well as educating our surveyors on good practice and what is expected of them.

Our selection, vetting and training processes ensure that only the best surveyors join Yachtwork’s crew. With an expanding network of UK coastal and worldwide locations, as well as quick-response surveyors who will travel anywhere in the world, Yachtwork is the ideal solution for your marine insurance claim surveys.

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Why Yachtwork?

Over the past couple of weeks, we have shared our expertise and provided you with a crash course all things yachting. We embarked on our journey by explaining our Ship’s Cook Certificate course, continued with discussing the importance of a project manager for any yacht project and sailed through to our third blog on marine surveys.

If you missed something or want a reminder, here´s a useful summary of what Yachtwork can do for you. You can also contact us for more information.

Marine surveys

In all instances, an accurate and timely survey can be the key to avoiding issues now or further down the line. Yachtwork has many years’ knowledge of Marine surveys and cover the following services

– accident repair and insurance claim surveys
– pre-purchase and warranty surveys
– refit surveys
– project-related surveys

As well as a great core team, we have a large network of experienced, vetted and thoroughly coached surveyors who carry out superb work at short notice, anywhere in the world. Discover more about Yacht Surveys or contact us for more information on your survey.

If you feel that you could add something to our team of associate surveyors throughout UK and European coastal locations, working within our insurance claim and pre-purchase department, contact Jim.

Project management

Whether you are embarking on a new-build, refit, repair or retrofit project, we strongly recommend you use our Project management team to ensure a stress-free and successful project. With our team´s many years of experience, their multitude of roles, in-depth knowledge and countless connections across the globe, they can make the difference between a successful and a failed project.

Read the Do you need a project manager? blog or get in touch with us today.

The Ship’s Cook Assessment

Yachtwork is the first UK based provider of the Ship’s Cook Assessment course and is certified by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency. The Assessment in Marine Cookery is a vital step towards being awarded the coveted and important Ship’s Cook Certificate. Our courses take place in our gleaming kitchen in Portsmouth and with places filling up fast we recommend early bookings to avoid disappointment.  For any questions about the Assessment in Marine Cookery, Food Safety or Crew Training, please read ‘The Ship’s Cook Certificate explained’ or contact our Principal Trainer Georgie.

We are currently on the look-out for a well-connected, enthusiastic sales person to work within our training department and be based in the Mediterranean. Get in touch with Yachtwork Training if you suit this role!

Yachtwork was set up to provide excellent service with the best possible outcome. Today we have a proven track record as an outstanding provider of training, project management and survey services. But don´t just take our word for it, please get in touch for any help and to question us on previous work, challenge our experience and allow us to demonstrate our expertise.

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