Month: November 2015

GUEST Workshop – Crew Training Awareness Success !!

The Meile Experience Centre in Amsterdam was like Disneyland for Stewardesses” said Peter Vogel  from IYS – and he was right!

The aim of the event was to showcase GUEST and interior crew training to invited guests from the Super Yacht Industry.  The facilities where just fantastic enabling GUEST trainers including myself to allow hands on training including: The Art of Table Setting, Silver Service, Laundry, Food Safety, Etiquette and personal presentation.

It was a truly rewarding day for both trainers and guests alike.


Click the link below and see the feedback from some of those who attended

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GUEST Awareness Workshop Miele 2015

Georgie is  delighted to be part of this event for Interior Training. Hosted by Miele in Amsterdam. Click the link above to find out what we are doing.

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